World breastfeeding week | Part 2 | Normalize it

If you read the last post you'd know that due to a high demand I offered a second  nursing session for mommies to feel empowered during world breastfeeding week to help us normalize it  .

Between these two sessions I've met 40+ local moms. I've heard their stories , shared in these special bonding moments and made new friends along the way .

By now you know that nothing warms a mothers heart like feeling empowered and encouraged by those around her. ( We make milk , so whats your super power?)

So many times its those closest to us that make us feel insecure. They make the rude comments and stares .  They block us from social media , offer us covers in public or try to show us where the bathrooms are.         It the employer who tells you to hurry up while your pumping , but then there's the fiends who support you . The family who knows, you knows whats best for you and your baby.  So in those frustrating days there is always good ! Mom's look for those good moments . Put your phone down and stare in your child's eyes . Sing them a song . Smile at them . Hold them close because one day this chapter will end but the story doesn't have to . Support each other . Show love . Be brave .

I hope these session show these women, and anyone reading how wonderfully made their bodies are, and how important a community is . These moms are amazing !
Although many of these moms had never met before you could feel their bond as they sat ,socialized and fed there children .
 I hope to see many again next year !

A baby nursing at a mother's breast... is an undeniable affirmation of our rooted-ness in nature. ~David Suzuki
 "Breastfeeding is not only the cornerstone of a child’s healthy development; it is also the foundation of a country’s development." WHO UNICEF

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