World Breastfeeding Week | Second Annual

I'm happy to announce part one of our second annual breastfeeding awareness - world breastfeeding week .
As many know, growing families are something I treasure and focus on a lot .
 Any time I can give back and help mothers feel strong I try to with every fiber of my being .

As I planned on doing a nursing sessions again this year I figured the demand wouldn't be as high as last year. To my utter amazement it was everything and more !
 I've had so many moms contacting me , asking me if  I would host one this year again even moms from last year  .
 Moms sharing their excitement with me and struggles with nursing .
So with my original feelings of how I thought this year would go, I only booked one location .

 When the RSVP started to fill and people were traveling hours to come I knew in my heart I must offer a second date. So  now with this second date in play a "part two " will be posted as this session hasn't taken place yet .

 The first week in August is world breast feeding week which is why I focus on this time of year .

Okay , so why is this session important ? Let me start by saying as a birth advocate I believe in fed babies.
However , science has shown us how important breast milk is for not only our children but also us too as moms .  The purpose of these sessions is to celebrate our accomplishments and not look down on anyone,but to show our human rights to feed our children in public and be proud because - it's HARD WORK!
 Breastfeeding in empowering some may say part of our purpose. 
Did you know that as nursing moms we DON'T have to hide to feed out children !?
 Did you know that we don't have to feed our children in a bathroom !?
In America we can feed our babies anywhere we want .
We can use our breast - um for breastfeeding!! ( can you believe that !!! )
 The next time you see a mom nursing , please give her a smile not a mean look .
Tell her how wonderful she's doing cause chances are she's thought about giving up a time or two.
 If you see her don't make a big deal about it , geeze do people make a big deal about you eating or getting a drink ?

Breastfeeding is an instinctual and natural act,
but it is also an art that is learned day by day.
It is almost always simply a matter of practical knowledge
and not a question of good luck.
- La Leche League 
Nursing does not diminish the beauty of a woman's breasts;
it enhances their charm by making them look lived in and happy.
- Robert A. Heinlein

I love being able to offer this service to our community. These ladies are AMAZING.
 I hope you enjoy !

 Nursing for me is an adventure every day. Now that my little one is 22+ months, I've learned to treasure every moment we get. Our relationship is based on trust. She trusts that I will be there with her milk when she demands it, and I trust that she won't bite me. My nursing goal was 12 months so every session now is more special. Some are short, but each is unique in its own way. I love the benefits we both receive from our nursing relationship- Mary Beth, Clarksville, In

 Nursing for me began as a way to save money with a new baby, now it is time that I look forward to spending with my daughter. It blows me away that I have been able to provide all that she has needed for the last 6 months and I pray our bond will continue. - Jalissa

 I was robbed of the birth experiences I planned for and wanted. I was hurt in ways I couldn't have imagined possible and was left feeling so powerless by my providers. Breastfeeding was something I could control. With determination and support from my family and breastfeeding Mom groups, I continued to fight for our relationship. It has been the hardest yet most empowering, rewarding, loving and healing experience. I hope he continues to nurse until Kindergarten. Meghan Fish, Louisville, KY

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