National breastfeeding week | human milk for human babies

 My name is Hope .
I'm a mom of 3 who loves photography .
This week is WORLD breastfeeding week! ( Aug.1-7 )

I wanted to take time and post  about local moms helping normalize public breastfeeding !!

There is nothing that offends me more then being offered a blanket or bathroom to feed my child .

I meet 98% of these moms for the 1st time the nights I held these free event .

Let me tell you about these ladies . Each one has a story . Some may be in a mode of survival.
Some may be embracing and loving the journey. Some may have one child or more .
Some moms may be awaiting bed time so she can have her body back for just 5 minuets.
Some may be hoping this isn't the last nursing session . 

These moms and all moms are special .

This week is to support and encourage and even promote breastfeeding locally and world wide .
A few moms have even shared their own comments ( these are at the bottom of this post )     

 Breastfeeding is so much more than milk, Warm and sweet and flowing like silk. Each drop is pure, love wrapped up in a hug, So whether human, calf, kitten or cub, Every baby needs to feed from it’s mother, And she, in turn, needs them like no other. ~~~ It’s more than convenient, free and delicious. It’s adaptive, protective and uniquely nutritious. It’s more than ingredients in a list. The truth is ‘not breastfeeding’ carries a risk! The intricate secrets of our own liquid gold, Are only just beginning to truly unfold. ~~~ It’s more than just some fancy words. It’s more than the ‘benefits’ that you’ve heard. It’s got Human Growth Hormone and IQ enhancers, Super stem cells and cells that fight cancer. But it’s ALL and so much more than these, It’s a mothers love; given freely and taken with ease. ~~~ It’s not just about hunger or about thirst, For a soul is fed too when a baby is nursed. Within this act of instinctual, maternal emotion, Is an expression of love, of trust and devotion. All babies are born expecting their comfort and rest, Be found in mother’s arms and at mother’s breast. ~~~ It’s more than we know and more than we think. Breastmilk’s not just a food, it’s not only a drink. It’s the building blocks of life that’s new. It’s a bond, a connection, it’s relationship glue. It’s the power to heal a hurt or a tantrum to tame. The power to calm the mind and soothe away pain. ~~~ Breastfeeding is so much more than the sum of its parts, It will nurture and nourish you both and tug at your hearts. - Author unknown

Megan - So many words about nursing...

It's the best thing I've ever done, the best part of my nights, the best part of many days, it's when time stands still and he's my little baby, it's what saved me from myself when PPD was stealing my life.

 Sarah -  my son was in the NICU and wasn't breastfed for a while  as soon as he got my breast milk he was thriving. He also latched the first time really well. When we got home he had a major set back and I thought I wasn't going to be able to breastfeed. He was mostly formula fed in the NICU, I wasn't giving up though. A month past and he got the hang of latching after about two more months he completely weaned himself off of formula and is EBF at 11months with no end in sight.

Jeimie- nursing helps me stay connected to my baby even on the days when I feel like my postpartum depression is at its worst.

Ann-  I nursed my daughter for 20 months and aside from teething pain she literally has never been sick. Nursing has been my ABSOLUTE favor part of becoming a mother. No one has ever fed my child as an infant aside from me. Nursing is my time and bond with my children. I was a bit more conservative nursing my 1st in public now I don't give a damn  ;)

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