Kratt Family { Red Thread session }

Look at this sweet girl ! Her name is Kate and she was just adopted into the Kratt Family . Amy  found me through RED THREAD and here is their story .

Our journey to Kate has spanned what seems like a lifetime.  I was born in Korea, and adopted by my family here in the US 37 years ago.  I knew that I always wanted to adopt a little girl one day too.  When I married my husband, I married into a family with a LONG history of boy babies.  We had 3 handsome boys of our own, and then realized it was time to complete our family with a darling girl from Korea.  We received our referral of beautiful Kathleen Juliana, our “Kate” back in November of 2011.  We were able to visit her briefly this past May 2012 and had our “family day” in Seoul on November 2, 2012.  We are so delighted to have come full circle in this adoption journey, and to have Kate home with us.  We used the same adoption agency, Holt International, that I came through so many years ago- so it has been a special journey and we are so blessed to be the parents of our 4 beautiful children.